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"Welcome to the jungle" 2 Painting"Welcome to the jungle" 2 Painting
"Welcome to the jungle" Painting"Welcome to the jungle" Painting
"African Circus" 3 Painting
"African Circus" 2 Painting
"African Circus" Painting
"Fake Paradise" 2 Painting"Fake Paradise" 2 Painting
"Fake Paradise" Painting"Fake Paradise" Painting
Psychedelica Collage
"Freud" Painting
"Casant" Painting
"Wash it" Painting
"The capture" Painting
"House wife 1" Painting
"The new David" Painting
"The evening is here" Painting
"Man with dog" Painting
Liviu Mihai "Man with dog" Painting
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"Spirit of the forest" Painting
"Till the End" Painting
Liviu Mihai "Till the End" Painting
Pret redus18.315 lei
"Melting" Artwork
Liviu Mihai "Melting" Artwork
Pret redus17.550 lei
"Let's go fluffy" Painting
Blue Painting
Liviu Mihai Blue Painting
Pret redus31.050 lei
Darth Painting
Liviu Mihai Darth Painting
Pret redus18.900 lei
A walk in nature Painting
Fontana di Trevi Painting
Venus in the garden PaintingVenus in the garden Painting
Couple on the terrace Painting
Blue sleep Painting
Liviu Mihai Blue sleep Painting
Pret redus38.580 lei
"Flirting" Painting
Liviu Mihai "Flirting" Painting
Pret redus42.345 lei
Summer landscape Painting
The eyes Painting
Liviu Mihai The eyes Painting
Pret redus20.925 lei
Composition with Freud Painting
Blue boy Painting
Liviu Mihai Blue boy Painting
Pret redus16.920 lei
Evening with Marilyn Painting
Pool side Painting
Liviu Mihai Pool side Painting
Pret redus20.617 lei
Girl with cat Painting
Liviu Mihai Girl with cat Painting
Pret redus25.650 lei
The man with dog PaintingThe man with dog Painting
Youth Painting
Liviu Mihai Youth Painting
Pret redus9.540 lei
Lady portrait Painting
Liviu Mihai Lady portrait Painting
Pret redus17.672 lei
Birds Painting
Liviu Mihai Birds Painting
Pret redus23.400 lei
Sleeping man Painting
Liviu Mihai Sleeping man Painting
Pret redus88.358 lei
In a dream Painting
Liviu Mihai In a dream Painting
Pret redus21.600 lei
Untitled PaintingUntitled Painting
Liviu Mihai Untitled Painting
Pret redus24.300 lei
That moment Painting
Liviu Mihai That moment Painting
Pret redus76.500 lei
Cain and Abel Painting
Liviu Mihai Cain and Abel Painting
Pret redus57.150 lei
The feast PaintingThe feast Painting
Liviu Mihai The feast Painting
Pret redus159.044 lei
Causality and effect Painting
Afternoon from future Painting
Cow man Painting
Liviu Mihai Cow man Painting
Pret redus53.100 lei

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